Carter's Aromatherapy Designs
Carter Lash
10 Oct, 2020

About Project

An industry leader in the cannabis and specifically CBD industry, Carter's Aromatherapy Design strives to offer only the best handcrafted CBD products. Using only the finest, purest, all-natural, and highest quality ingredients in each of our products to create a healthier way of healing. After operating without a website for 5 years, CAD reached out to RVNW Studios to help them launch their first website. After using the website for some time, they decided they wanted to come with a fresh look for it to match their new packaging. We created them a comprehensive-solution, with a locator page to help customers find the product at their closest California dispensary.

Analysis & Idea

We analyzed what wasn't working for them with the first iteration of the website, and what we needed to change to match their new brand identity's messaging & style.

Design & Development

After a handful of discovery meetings, we went to work on the prototype where we implemented the new ideas and ironed out the wrinkles.

Testing & Launch

Once we finished prototyping and developing, we began the user testing process, perfecting the user experience. We launched their website and continued to provide ongoing support.

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