Finesley Farms


About Project

Finesley Farms approached me to help them bring their brand to life. They didn’t really have a direction, they just knew they didn’t want to go with the normal “cereal-box” looking branding taking over the cannabis industry at the moment.

Finesley Farms
21 Jan, 2021
The Brief

During the creative brief session, we discussed coming up with a FF monogram, accompanied by other complementary elements that would hopefully bring it all together. 

Our Idea

Proceeding a few conceptual phases, revisions and meetings we came up with a perfect look for his new business. Encompassing the idea of the honeycomb using the hexagon shape discussed during the brief. We created an HH monogram with, the new “hideout” underneath the roof.

What we did

Our Services

Using the brightness of their mint color, we went ahead and kept the packaging and identity pretty simplified and let the color do the talking. We created an assortment of merchandise and packaging designs. 

  • Product design
  • Brand design
  • Graphic & Print design

“From day one I've been impressed with Marcos's professionalism. He's a literal magician when it comes to branding & marketing strategy.”

Finesley Farms
President / CEO – Finesley