High Horse


About Project

High Horse Delivery is a cannabis delivery business based in Washington D.C. They aim to provide customers with the best products at the best price. They needed something that would help portray that in their brand messaging and identity. They reached out to me to give them a boost in the right direction with laying out their new branding.

High Horse
21 Jan, 2021
The Brief

While they didn’t really have an idea of what they were looking for, they had an idea of what they didn’t want. And that was an identity that was too “cliche” with the cannabis industry’s typical approach. We took that into consideration and brought our own special ingredients.

Our Idea

I went ahead and played on the “High Horse” theme, create a pegasus-like logo, accompanied by a double-H monogram logo, text-based logos, and other branding elements.

What we did

Our Services

On top of their logo sheet, I went ahead and created a packaging line consisting of delivery bags, mylar bags, jars, stickers, business cards, and other marketing collateral.

  • Product design
  • Brand design
  • Graphic & Print design

“When you need something done good, and right the first time, contact Marcos & RVNW. Let's just say we love everything Marcos touches, he doesn't disappoint, he's always punctual with his deliverables.”

High Horse Delivery
President / CEO – D. Issacson